Skincare is something that’s plagued my existence for at least the past ten years. In high school, I pretty much failed to see it’s importance, washing my face with literally only water for about three years. After that, I got all dramatic and decided that Proactiv was the solution (I was very impressionable and enjoyed infomercials). The stuff fixed my skin right up, but it was expensive and super harsh; if I stopped using it for a day or two my skin would go full on ballistic.  (more…)



The appeal of Lush is clear: deliciously scented beauty products bearing the natural, fresh stamp of approval. I’ve been an avid follower of Lush for years – first being introduced through what was probably an ancient video of either Zoe’s or Rhiannon’s, though I can’t remember which. They’re well known for their bath products: luscious bath bombs, bubble bars, and various soaps and gels that will leave you feeling like a beautiful fairy princess, though today I thought I’d talk about a few products that don’t get as much hype. (more…)



It’s been ages since I’ve done a fashion-related post but I’ve been itching to do one so here it goes. Since being in London (by the way, I’m in London now), I’ve had somewhat of a cathartic style makeover. The Europeans make fashion look so easy, and when I stepped foot off the plane in January I knew that some serious changes were in order. (more…)



It’s been a while since I’ve done a post talking about a movie but I feel like this one is long overdue. As we already know, I love a good self-discovery movie. I especially love one that takes it’s characters into the wilderness to discover themselves (See: 127 Hours, Into The Wild, etc). I think maybe this comes from my own personal desire to do such but that’s off topic.  (more…)



It sounds dumb to say aloud, but damn, do I love Walgreens. I made a little trip today to pick up essentials that’ll get me through the rest of the semester (and the rest of college – what is my life?!) and ended up spending a little too much time in the beauty aisle. It’s okay, though! I realized I haven’t done a drugstore haul in a long while because nothing there has excited me all that much, but today I found some things I’m really looking forward to trying. (more…)