Q&A: Tracy Balan of Girlfriend Intervention

You know the stereotypical makeover show: frumpy chick walks in, receives a new wardrobe, makeup look, and hairstyle, and she’s out the door, a changed woman. Realistic? I think not. That’s why Lifetime’s new reality show, Girlfriend Intervention, is so damn refreshing. The lucky ladies who make it on an episode receive a total life recharge, from new makeup and clothes to a home re-design and soul coaching.

I got the chance to interview the fabulous Tracy Balan, the show’s resident beauty guru. Her resume includes everything from glamorous hairstylist to injured war veteran, so naturally I needed to find out more about this fascinating lady’s life – and, duh, favorite beauty products. Read on for an inside look at our Q&A sesh! (more…)



Allow me to brand an image into your mind’s eye: cool-girl, Manhattan goddess slings on her trunk show markdown Prada heels on her way to her all-too glamorous uptown job, catching the train with a bagel in hand (reduced fat cream cheese, of course) and not a hair out of place. (more…)



So remember when I tried to do a weekly series and failed again? This is going to be more of an every-few-weeks kind of deal because as my love Kate pointed out, my favorites don’t change much week to week. What can we say, we love commitment, and when we love something, we stand by it. (more…)


MOVIE REVIEW: Magic in the Moonlight

Woody Allen’s Magic in the Moonlight is solid, charming proof that sometimes, life’s magic can’t be explained. Starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone as a skeptical magician and raving spiritualist, respectively, the story is a brief, unexpected romantic comedy set in the French Riviera in the 20s. What ensues is wildly inspiring, raucously funny and, in typical Allen style, unabashedly witty. (more…)



Happy Monday, everyone! As you can see, I’m piggybacking off the genius that is Miranda Feneberger by doing a little “Most Loved” series of my own. Not sure if I’m going to be able to do mine weekly, though, because when I’m hooked, I’m hooked – and I can’t promise my obsessions will be all that different week by week.

Let’s get to it, then! Here are my saviors as of right this moment. (more…)



Hey lovelies! Just thought I’d give you all a little update on something cool that Kate and I got the opportunity to do tonight! The lovely ladies of Fab’rik in Athens invited us to their Denim Dinner, an event showcasing some of their awesome new denim styles! We got to chat with some other bloggers and try on some cool denim styles for fall! Check out some of our photos from the event!  (more…)